Employer Programs

As an employer, you want a health care partner to provide quality care at affordable prices. Whether the healthcare need is a Worker’s Comp injury, an Occupational  Medicine visit, or a Wellness Program, Carolina Care is here for you.

Worker's Compensation Services:

  • Treatment for Job related injuries or illnesses
  • Return to work programs
  • Physical Therapy

Occupational Medicine Programs:

  • Pre-employment physicals and drug screens
  • Flu shots and TB testing
  • Random drug screening

Wellness Programs:

  • Services
    • Weight loss
    • Smoking secession
    • Exercise programs
    • Nutrition counseling
  • Advantages
    • Reduce healthcare costs
    • Increase productivity
    • Recruit quality employees
    • Improve morale

Partner with Carolina Care To Support a Happy, Healthy, Drug-Free Workplace

There are many benefits to encouraging your employees to lead a healthier lifestyle and implementing a healthy living program, which as a company goal, has never been easier.

  • Reduce Healthcare Costs
    • Major reasons for high healthcare costs are often associated with employees' poor lifestyle choices and habits. Research has proven that healthy employees require fewer visits to the doctor and are at lower risk for disease and infection. Healthcare utilization and time taken away from work can directly impact a company’s insurance premiums and operating costs. A healthier workforce equates to lower insurance premiums and lower overall personnel expenses for your company.
  • Increase Productivity
    • Healthy employees are often more productive, maintain higher energy levels and are generally happier. You can expect that a healthy workforce will lead to increased productivity, better business and a happier work environment.
  • Recruit Quality Employees
    • Potential employees appreciate a company that offers good benefits and shares the concept of a healthy living and working balance. By decreasing healthcare costs, you may be able to offer other benefits to attract better employees.
  • Improve Company Morale
    • As employees find personal success, they will have higher levels of self-esteem which will in turn improve their quality of work and make them more valuable, happy employees. They will share their success with coworkers that will want to improve their own personal health.